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Benefits of Xenon HID Headlights

2019-02-23 18:54:05.0    Author:Steven

Xenon HID headlights are taking the motoring world by storm. Drivers from across the world are choosing to upgrade their standard factory headlights to new xenon HID models, providing significant improvements to the quality and clarity of the light that is produced. For anyone interested in modifying cars, these headlights are a must. Not only do they look incredibly cool, these headlights also offer a range of technical benefits over and above the standard option. This makes them highly desirable for those who want to get the most out of their car, and for those who are determined to squeeze the very best performance out of their drive.

With a kit from, you can easily upgrade your headlights in a matter of minutes. Following our stage by stage installation instructions, anyone can install our kits within 20-30 minutes, with limited technical experience and equipment necessary. This means that virtually any road user can upgrade, to experience the many advantages of xenon headlights for themselves. But what are the key reasons so many drivers are deciding to upgrade, and what are the advantages that come with having xenon HID headlights as opposed to standard, factory components?

Improved Brightness with Xenon HID Headlights

At their most basic level, xenon HID headlights can produce up to 3 to 5 times the brightness of regular halogen bulbs. This is a considerable improvement on the norm. At the same time, halogen bulbs use twice as much energy to produce their inferior light, which ultimately makes them the less efficient option. Unlike halogen lights, which produce a yellowy, off-white light, HID lights shine visibly much brighter. This is in large part a result of how these headlights work. Halogen headlights rely on a filament, which is heated to create the light output. With xenon headlights, it is a combination of the xenon gas and an electrical charge which does the job. The electricity runs through the gas, which agitates to produce a much brighter, whiter light.

Brightness is incredibly important to getting the most out of your motoring experience. If you do a lot of driving in the dark, or you simply want to make sure your car is optimized for performance in a range of road and driving conditions, making the upgrade to xenon HID headlights is a no-brainer.

Improved Visibility with Xenon HID Headlights

Beyond simply attaining a more desirable brightness of light, the quality of light that comes from high-intensity discharge headlights is much more suited to driving in a range of evening and poorly lit conditions. While for many, driving is about enjoyment, safety must be considered as a paramount factor – for the driver, other road users and pedestrians. The much brighter, bolder beam that shines from xenon HID headlights illuminates much more of the road, including more of the periphery. This is essential for the utmost of safety when driving in dark conditions.

Regular headlights don’t necessarily do much to illuminate beyond the road directly in front of you. This is barely useful, particularly in otherwise completely dark road conditions. Instead, xenon HID headlights light up much more of the road in-front, in addition to peripherals, to give you a much broader field of sight. This means you can be more in control as you drive, and more in tune with the hazards and obstacles presenting around you. Improved visibility comes from the brighter bulbs, but also from the color temperature, expressed in degrees Kelvin. Color temperature regulates the color of the light, ranging from dim yellow through to arctic and bright white, before moving beyond into blue and purple-tinged lights, depending on your needs and preferences.

Improved Durability with Xenon HID Headlights

Another incredibly important benefit that comes from choosing xenon HID headlights for your car is that improved durability that comes from xenon headlights over regular halogen fittings. For motorists who make the switch, upgrading to HIDs is actually an efficiency gain in many ways. Rather than the lifespan of a standard bulb, xenon bulbs can last several times longer, up to around 150,000 road miles. That is a huge improvement on the standard performance of halogen headlights, and by upgrading now, you’re saving the need to upgrade in a couple of years anyway when your inferior, halogen headlights start to fail.

This makes our HID headlights kits exceptional value. For a one time purchase, at a much more affordable price than your local dealership or garage, our HID installation kits will ensure you have the lights you want for a brighter, safer, more long-lasting drive. And in the extremely unlikely event you have any problems with your kit, or with the installation process, our customer service team are always on hand to help with any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring you benefit from the smoothest of processes as you upgrade from halogen to HID.

Installing HID Headlights

Installing HID headlights is a simple process, thanks to the design and manufacture of our kits. Our kits were created to retrofit any headlight housing, so regardless of your make or model of vehicle, you too can enjoy the benefits HID can bring. There is no need for complicated tools or materials, and all the parts and equipment you need to affect the installation come included in the kit you receive with your order. That means you can simply decide to purchase your headlights today, receive them by free shipping, and install them within 30 minutes, so you’re ready to hit the road.

There are multiple different benefits to choosing HID headlights, and those who do seldom make the switch back to halogen. Without disrespecting halogen bulbs, they are an inferior technology. Car manufacturers only use halogen because they are cheaper as a component part than HID headlights, but in a side-by-side performance test there is only ever one winner. With the installation process designed to be as easy as possible, and full, comprehensive instructions guiding you from start to finish, upgrading your headlights should be a real consideration for anyone looking for optimum performance.

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