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Benefits of LED Headlights

2019-02-23 18:57:29.0    Author:Steven

LED headlights are becoming an increasingly common sight on our roads, with people driving all sorts of vehicles now electing to use LED headlights as opposed to standard, halogen bulbs. With many new cars at the luxury end of the spectrum coming with headlights in-built, both for their improved performance and appearance, more people are now choosing to replicate that look in their own vehicle by choosing an LED headlights kit. There is no need to have these kits installed professionally, and many motorists are taking the simple, 30-minute DIY approach to fitting out their cars with these superior lights.

In case you’re not already convinced of how much better LED headlights are versus the competition, here is a quick run down of the key advantages of choosing LED headlights over other models. And with high quality kits available at affordable prices, it is making increasing sense for prudent motorists to make the switch.

Improved Efficiency

LED headlights are more efficient than halogen bulbs, resulting in more light and less heat from the same energy used. This places a lower load on your car alternator, resulting in less fuel consumed for the same results. This means that having LED headlights installed on your car is more fuel efficient, as well as more energy efficient in the round. These lower costs and improved results are a direct impact of the increased efficiency of light-emitting diodes over halogen or gas-based bulbs, channeling more energy into light production for brighter headlights overall.

Compared with halogen bulbs, LED headlights are up to 90% more efficient, with as much as 80% of their energy converting directly into light, in contrast to just 20% efficiency in halogen bulbs.

Improved Lighting Quality

When you drive with standard, halogen headlights, you are severely limited by the range of the light cast. A weak, yellow-colored light only illuminates a few feet ahead of the car, and the advantages from peripheral lighting are slim. This means that drivers have less than optimal time to react to changing road conditions ahead, which contributes to numerous road traffic accidents in the dark and in poor visibility or low lighting conditions. When you switch to LED headlights, you benefit from an improved lighting quality, casting a much brighter light for the road ahead. This means you can see more of the road as you drive in the dark, which makes for more pleasant driving conditions at night.

Better Durability

LED headlights almost always last longer than halogen and HID alternatives. LEDs are solid state, i.e. they don’t rely on multiple moving parts to produce their light - it is a single unit, or diode, that converts electricity into light. When you think about HIDs or halogen bulbs, there is the bulb, the filament, the charge and potentially any number of other parts. This results in making these headlights much more likely to fail, given that there are more opportunities for somethings go wrong with one of the individual components. With LED headlights, you can expect decades of service, compared to just 5000 motoring hours with the equivalent standard halogen bulbs. This makes LEDs vastly more durable, which is a large part of their appeal.

Better Aesthetic

Perhaps one of the key reasons motorists choose to switch out their halogen bulbs is aesthetic. Halogens are not especially stylish, and weak, yellow lighting is a sure-fire way to kill the overall stylish appearance of a modified car. If you are interested in kitting out your car with a range of mods to improve performance and appearance, it goes without saying that the headlights are one area where significant gains can be made. Aside from the practicalities of more efficient lighting, LED headlights actually look so much more visually impressive, in terms of the light they cast on the road ahead. Over the coming decades, it is estimated that millions more will switch to LED lighting for their cars, and the visual factor is likely to be a major driving force behind this market shift.

Improved Safety

Whenever you’re thinking about modifying your car, safety should always be a major factor. One of the key advantages of LED headlights over standard, halogen bulbs is that they produce safer road conditions for night and poor visibility driving. Because LED headlights are so much brighter than their halogen counterparts, they illuminate much more of the road and its periphery, which helps make overall driving conditions safer. The more you can see at night, the more time you have to make a potentially life-saving decision in the event of an accident or unforeseen development on the roads, meaning you’re likely to be much safer when driving with LED headlights as opposed to standard bulbs.

Easy To Install

For some motorists, the idea of installing headlights will seem like an insurmountable technical challenge. In fact, with our LED headlights kits, it is as easy as possible to install. Each kit ships with full instructions so you can fit these to your vehicle, and there are a number of YouTube tutorials online that can guide you in the unlikely event you get stuck. You can take your kit to a mechanic if necessary, but most people find these kits incredibly easy to install, without the need for specific tools or training.

Why You Need LED Headlights

While there are plenty of different individual reasons for switching to LED headlights, the bottom line is they will save you money and keep you safer, while providing vastly superior lighting to other types of headlights. If you value your safety, or if you have an interest in ensuring your car is optimised for performance, there is nothing more effective than LED headlights, both for their functionality and their style.

While most cars ship with halogen lights as standard, this practice is gradually changing as the cost of LEDs comes down. In the meantime, with an easy-to-install LED headlights kit, you can seize the future of motoring for yourself well ahead of time.

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